Listen up

A series of playlists & blurbs on the 2nd Wednesday of every month! 

It's Electric:

There's something in the air that feels right about 2017. 

Let's face it last year did it's best to bring us down.

But that buzz for the New Year, it's electric.

Lets make this year HUGE!

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Off to Oz:

It's been a bit so I figured I owed you a big one this month

I've got a 14 hour flight ahead of me and lots of listening time, so hit the shuffle and have a Listen Up to what I'll be listening to.

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Listen Up

It’s time to get Amped.
Growing up in locker rooms and on sidelines,
getting Amped is something I do well.

So Listen Up
If you need to get pumped up,
If you need to wake up,
Or you’re just moving faster than usual,
This ones for you!

Listen Up
get Amped

Not a list of break up songs.
Not a list of love songs either.

But tracks that tug on my Heart Strings. 

Every which way. 

Listen Up to this one if you’re missing family,
Fishing for someone out there in the sea.
And or just feeling a little sentimental.

Listen Up
And let this one play your Heart Strings how it may.



Listen up is a series of playlists I've been curating.

I've been wanting to do this for a while.
My life is music.
I write it, perform it, and produce it.
Music is my passion.
I'm not the first to say that, I won't be the last.

But right now we can try to do something a little different. 
If you're reading this, first off, thank you. I hope you'll enjoy what I'm cooking up. 
I'm compiling playlists that will not only be filled with awesome music, but also share a glimpse into what's going on in my brain and my life. 
All the time. 
Listen up will be for many things:
To chill. My favorite artists to soothe your soul.
To love. Music that plays your Heart Strings.
To vibe. Wherever you are.  
And specifically for this playlist, to meet some new artists maybe you didn’t know or need to know more about and to kick start this journey of new music!

I'll be continually updating every playlist so you can be sure you're listening to the latest artists I love and know you will too.  
Listen up.